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Haxe Preloader For Flash – Written in Haxe.

There has been some talk about creating flash preloaders for haxe. However, these methods step outside the haxe toolchain and add some additional complication. I have come up with a reasonably simple method for creating a haxe preloader in haxe, … Continue reading

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Cross-platform again

So far, I’ve mostly looked at the flash/swf version but now I will return my attention to cross-platform development. There are a number of existing libraries that can be used with haXe, but most of these are low level, but … Continue reading

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Change a few lines, get a big speedup.

It was pointed out to me that there was a better way to do a “cast” and a few simple changes to to porting script yielded some big improvements. So, the new bundle [here]( now gives: Car Demo Robot Demo … Continue reading

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Porting APE (Actionscript Physics Engine) to haXe

I see that APE []( has moved on to version 0.45 alpha, and has an extremely beautiful “robot” demo. So, with the faster version of haXe, and improved knowledge, I though it was time to try porting it again. This … Continue reading

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Huge speedups for flash9 with haXe 1.15, hxasm investigated.

Due to the great work of Nicolas Cannasse, most of the results below have to be re-written! HaXe now as stong typing in flash9, significantly improving performance. I also have a new machine, so some of the results will not … Continue reading

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The following discussion is based on the source code This code uses the “xinf” haxelib module to provide support for cross platform (browser, downloadable) structures. The Ogre demo uses a grid to check for collisions between objects. So,rather than … Continue reading

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Source Code

Here is the source code for the APE post. The latest version of haXe supports now supports as3 virtual/override, so the resulting as3 code compiles without modification. However, I have modified it for performance reasons by changing the typecasting to … Continue reading

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