Four Years – Still Kicking

Wow, I missed the 4-year anniversary. I have been a bit remiss in updating the old social-media postings of late, but will try harder. So apologies to those whose comments I have not answered, and I hope to do better in the future.

I would also like say a big thanks to those who have donated to the site – it is nice to feel useful.

The main change since last update was the release of hxcpp 2.07. This goes with the latest haxe release and fixes many bugs, making the platform more robust.

Work on NME continues. There has been some increased interest of late, and a new release is well overdue. I’m currently working on a “project” system to help with getting up-and-running on the various platforms. This will replace the iPhone template system and extend it to all supported platforms.

You can always checkout the svn version of NME, but you will need to build the binaries yourself. Although I have quite a few outstanding issues, I think I will do a release once I get the project system up-and-running.

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5 Responses to Four Years – Still Kicking

  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! 🙂

    Thanks for this great site!

  2. Congrats! I see that you’ve gotten a new design as well.

    I think that I should mention that Google says “This site may be compromised.“, you might want to investigate what the heck that means.

  3. Huge says:

    Ok, thanks Frank. Yes I have been hacked. Maybe it was the theme/plugin? That will teach me.

  4. I was thinking of using the same theme for my site…

    Guess I will keep it safe :p

  5. Huge says:

    I tried a whole bunch of stuff – could not say for sure that the last one was the culprit.

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