WordPress markdown.php Unknown modifier ‘|’

So all of a sudden, all the posts started showing preg\_replace\_callback() [function.preg-replace-callback]: Unknown modifier ‘|’ in …/wp-content/plugins/text-control/markdown.php. I presume this was because my provider changed php versions. There are 2 possible fixes:

  1. Disable your markdown plugin
  2. Fix the markdown.php file, if you can edit it. This problem was a couple of lines above the one reported, one of the opening braces (“{“) had a back-slash quote where it should not have. ie, it was …(?:[ ]\{$md_tab_width}… but shold just be …(?:[ ]{$md_tab_width}…
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4 Responses to WordPress markdown.php Unknown modifier ‘|’

  1. Thanks for the bug fix.

  2. Thanks. That worked for me.

  3. Rajan says:

    Thank you very much. It works and resolve my problem.

  4. Cheers, mate, I’m another one it worked for. You should try to submit the fix formally. It doesn’t seem to be reported, as far as I can tell, even though the bug turns up in loads of blogs.

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