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Compile NME.ndll From Source.

Neko NME now compiles into a single, statically linked ndll (actually, it still uses plugins for mp3 and tiff). This means you can’t use the standard development distributions for building it, so I’ve made some libraries to use. You can … Continue reading

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Neko NME updates.

I have had a bit of a think about where some of this cross-platform code should sit, and I’ve partnered with Lee McColl-Sylvester at [DesignRealm]( to add the functionality to the existing “Neko Media Engine” (NME) project. This idea here … Continue reading

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Announcing Neash

I have renamed the “blink” project to “neash” (_ne_ko fl_ash_) and made a project page for it on []( You will need the neko/dlls from the new This has “blink” renamed to “neash” and I think I’ve fixed … Continue reading

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Stand-alone Neko

Did you know you can bind a neko “.n” file to the neko exe to create a stand-along exe? Well you can, with the “nekotools.exe boot” command. This simply appends the “.n” file to the standard neko.exe, and adds a … Continue reading

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Cross-platform again

So far, I’ve mostly looked at the flash/swf version but now I will return my attention to cross-platform development. There are a number of existing libraries that can be used with haXe, but most of these are low level, but … Continue reading

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